Act II, Scene I

The protaganist sits alone…

How should I proceed with my first blog post? 

Just write what you’re thinking about.  That’s why you decided to start this blog tonight, isn’t it?

Well, yes, but I feel like I’m starting in the middle of a play.  Shouldn’t I give some context or something?

Context to who (or is it whom?)?  I thought you were writing this for yourself.

I suppose that’s true…

OK, then just record for yourself why you’re doing this.  Maybe layout an outline of what you hope to achieve.

I don’t really hope to a-chEEEve anything.

Fine.  Poor choice of words.  Record for yourself some things you think you might like to write about.  It’ll be fun to come back to this every so often and see how we thought this thing would go.

Alright, let’s see…

I’ve been trying to expose myself to a lot of different languages lately, so I suppose I’ll be talking about my experiences learning those.

Like what?

Well, IronPython, Go, Elm, Lisp…

Wait, Lisp?

Yeah, I’m reading SICP.

<Smirks> OK.  How far along are you?

Chapter one, still.  I just started.

I see. Let’s consider editing that out.  In the meantime, any languages you already know that you might write about?

I’m most familiar with C#, but I’ve also done some javascript.

Who hasn’t?  Are you going to write about anything other than learning languages?

I’m experimenting with different text editors.


Trying to boost my productivity, I guess.  Maybe just a general interest in things.

OK.  So, you’re going to write about doing language tutorials and text editors.  Sounds lame.

I don’t know.  Maybe if I try to find some interesting problems and mini-projects to write about, then it’ll be interesting.

Author: adam_stidham

Hmmm... maybe I should put something deep and riveting here?

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